Panda Kitchen gave me an estimate for new cabinets and counter tops after coming to my home to see what special circumstances their installers would face.

Yet, and still their installers tore out my old cabinets...installed the new and tore out my Over-the-range microwave power plug in...then, rerouted it wires higher up on the wall without placing the receptacle wire inside the wall. Furthermore, the wires inside the cabinet where my vent cover suppose to be was left exposed and disconnected. They never said if the wires left dangling inside the cabinet were hot or not.

After agreeing to pay a Panda Kitchen hire $75.00 dollars...he came out complained about this work not being his job, but he took the money anyway. After he refused to place the new receptacle in the wall like my other receptacles I threatened to place a hold on the check I gave him.

He refused to give me satisfaction and told me that I could put a hold on the check. Panda Kitchen had mentioned earlier this was my problem. They haven't called to see If I was satisfied or not.

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There Chinese what do you expect, you want quality....buy from the USA.

to JT Miami Beach, Florida, United States #638530

you're so *** were do you think USA kitchen come from....China and they have 1/2" plywood , and Panda uses 3/4" plywood with solid maples doors. If you do not know the difference then you need to do your homework.

to usa #729170

Try kraftmaid asswipe! With there own production plant in the usa NOT china. Yessss you get what you pay for!!


I have used other companies for kitchen cabinetry and by far Panda was the worst one. They claim 100% maple wood which is not true.

It is so misleading.

I am so disappointed with the quality. I was better off using formica than Panda cabinets.


It is true that the company does not follow up to ensure customer satisfaction. The main concern is to sell a cheap product at a very expensive price and that is all.

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