I usually do not complaint against services received on a store, because anyone can have a bad day; however the horrible experience I have had with the Panda Kitchen & Bath located at 3250 NW 77 CT Doral, FL 33122 it is just beyond imagination. On August 13, 2013 - Invoice: SI-6312437. I met with Gloria Villa without knowing they have such a terrible customer service. Gloria Villa designed and was in charge of all the details of remodeling my kitchen. Gloria Villa made several mistakes on her designs from adding drawers, where there were supposed to be doors, and also forgetting to include some items/materials to finish an island in my kitchen. When the worker informed me about the mistakes, I called Gloria and inquired about these and she said: “It was your fault because you din not reviewed your order”… !? I explained to her I do not know anything about remodeling a kitchen and this was why I went to them, because I TRUSTED THEM and based on their slogan that says: “From imagination straight to installation”. I also advised her that they delivered everything on boxes that needed to be opened by the worker that would be working on that and not me. I advised her I trusted in their professionalism, and was not aware that I needed to monitor them step by step to make sure they were doing their job.

I have paid the design of my new kitchen, the cabinets and all other materials and when I complained about their (Gloria Villa) terrible mistakes I was blown away with the gentleman that assisted me as he stated: “ Anyone can made a mistake, and we cannot fixed or be responsible as you did not used our installation services”. I asked to talk to his supervisor, and when this one came to assist me he was also very rude and unprofessional and also stated: “ We cannot be responsible for anything as you did not use our installation services”. I explained to him Gloria Villa made several mistake with the design and the order, and those mistakes where being very expensive to me. Her supervisor advised me: “mistakes happens all the time, however we cannot give you anything for free”. They are not professionals; I was not asking anything for free and I just wanted them to acknowledge their mistakes. They do not care about you as a customer, because even though they know they had made a mistake, they do not care about you because you already bought their products. I will report them to the BBB immediately, as I can see that I’m not the only one receiving such terrible services, just check this website bellow so you can see more complains.


Monetary Loss: $4500.

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I do not think all that this saying is true, I buy cabinets to them years ago, and it so happens that lately is that girl that attends and I think it is a nice person and always willing to solve the problems, and my I have never been charged for the design, just for the materials so you are the first to say you paid for your design, it seems you had a bad day that it happens sometimes. so this comment I find it a little inappropriate

to kichensmart #729174

Wait till the FBI comes down on them for money laundering! :grin

to kichensmart Miami, Florida, United States #781958

Learn how to type correctly. I bet you work for Panda Kitchen

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